If your South Florida home has suffered water damage response time is critical.  Rot, mold and mildew are only a few of the problems associated with water damage in South Florida.

Bathroom water leaks are an unpleasant fact of life for homeowners everywhere. While there is no magic wand to eradicate the threat, the severity of the damage is usually proportionate to the time the leak has gone undetected. In short, the sooner you spot them, the better it is for your bank account and your blood pressure!

And this article will help you do just that…

6 Tell-Tale Signs Your Bathroom Has A Leak

1 – Puddles and damp patches.

Starting off with the more obvious ones… If water appears unexpectedly, it’s never a good sign. Keep an eye out for puddles around the floor of the bathroom and shower. Even if it is damp- as opposed to standing water- it could be a red flag you need to look out for.

2 – Mold

Bathrooms are prime breeding conditions for mold growth- I give you, Exhibit A:


The areas in and around the shower provide the ideal damp and humid environment for mold to set it. And mold can itself be a symptom of leaking. Quickly grabbing a hold in those damp patches we mentioned before.

If you see mold in an area that you’d ordinarily expect to be dry (like the wall in the picture), consider that another red flag.

Black mold in a Florida home bathroom
In this case the leak was going on for a long time. When this happens mold will develop. In this case, the mold that has grown is Black mold. Black mold is one of the most toxic types of mold. Breathing in the mold spores from bBlack mold could lead to a wide range of serious health problem.  Read more about Black mold here:  Why mold is a serious problem.

3 – Peeling wallpaper

Now wallpaper isn’t as popular in bathrooms these days, but it’s still a real tell-tale sign and worth knowing if you do.

Any dampness beneath the paper will cause it to peel from the wall gradually. Of course, this could be the adhesive failing after years of use, but it’s every bit as likely you have some troublesome damp in the room.

4 – Issues with tiles

Speaking of the decoration falling from the walls… tiles need attention here too. Don’t ignore them if they are loose, broken or have damaged caulking between them- a ‘tile leak’ will have water trickling through and damaging the material beneath. These can be pricey, too- if you’re lucky, you’ll just need to replace the individual tiles and grout; sometimes, you’ll need a whole new backing.

So keep an eye on your tiles, so a little issue doesn’t snowball into a big headache!

5 – Strange noises

You often hear a leak before you see it!

A high-pitched hissing noise in the walls. The sound of dripping water. Any other sounds of water unrelated to your bathroom usage. This isn’t the time to “wait and see”. It only goes one way from here, and the sooner you get on top of it, the cheaper you get out of it.

6 – Wobbly faucets

Bathroom faucets are also tell-tale signs. Keep an eye out for faucets that have wobbled or shifted from their usual spot or angle. This can be a symptom of a leak from the sink rim, causing the water to rise from beneath the base of the faucet.

The one silver lining here is that these are pretty easy to fix- just tighten the base up from beneath the sink, reapply the caulk, and you’re good to go again!

Hopefully, these tell-tale signs will help you minimise the potential damage the next time those dreaded leaks visit your bathroom. Now you know what to look out for, we hope you also know who to call!