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ABOVE & BELOW:  This homeowner had a broken drain pipe that caused serious water damage to their kitchen.

Water Damage in a South Florida Home

When unexpected home damage happens calling an experienced Public Damage Insurance Adjuster is the smartest thing you could do.

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BELOW:  Blane came home to find lots of water had flooded her home.  The culprit a broken air-conditioning unit had leaked and damaged their walls and floor. Water from broken air conditioning units can lead to mold, if left unchecked the mold can grow into a bigger problem.  Check out this video of Todd finding unexpected mold damage. Mold in a bathroom Vanity Having used Fox Public Adjusters in the past the homeowner knew that Todd would make sure their insurance company settled to enough money to cover the cost of all the repairs.

Air-conditioning water damage in Boca Raton.
A broken leaking air-conditioning using caused serious home damage to their Boca Raton home.

BELOW:  It started with a wall crack, then dripping water came from the crack.  Their insurance adjuster told them they had no claim and they paid out of their pocket to repair the crack.  When Todd from South Florida Public Adjusters arrived, he found the roof damage that caused to water damage and the crack.  He handled their insurance claim and they received a settlement of over $50,000 enough to cover the total cost of the repairs.

Homeowners insurance denied the claim. Fox Public Adjusters got them their settlement.
When their insurance company verbally denied their claim, Fox Public insurance adjusters got them the settlement they deserved.

BELOW: After hurricane Irma Phil’s home suffered a roof leak.  Todd from Fox Florida Public Adjusters came out and got Phil a settlement that covered the cost to repair all his roof damage.

Boca Raton Roof Leak Damage helped by Public Adjuster
As a result of hurricane Irma this home suffered a horrible roof leak.

BELOW: Her insurance company verbally told her that her deductible was more than the cost of her roof damage.  Then she called Todd at Fox Public Adjusters.  Todd got her the settlement amount that covered all her repair expenses.

Her insurance company denied her claim but Fox Public Adjusters get her the settlement that covered the damage
After her insurance company told her they would not cover her claim, Fox Public Adjuster got her claim covered.