Storm & Hurricane Damage

Florida has many storms and hurricanes that can cause damage to your roof or property. Let Fox PA inspect your storm damage & hurricane damage loss with you. Call today for a FREE inspection.

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Storm Damage & Hurricane Damage Claims

In Florida, storm and hurricane damage is an unfortunate yet unavoidable occurrence. In fact, Florida homeowners can never entirely prevent storm or hurricane damage. This is a large concern when hurricane season approaches in the summer. Living in Florida or anywhere that experiences frequent thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes requires certain precautions. Storm damage could mean thousands of dollars, if not more in damages. Using a public adjuster makes the difference between taking whatever amount your insurance company will give you and receiving the full amount that you need to actually cover the damage.

Tips for Policyholders After a Storm or Hurricane

  • Take safety measures for yourself and all occupants first
  • Ensure that your property is safe for entry
  • Take initial photos & videos and create an initial list of damaged property
  • Locate your property insurance policy
  • Immediately take steps to prevent further damage such as tarping your roof, removing water from interior spaces and removing fallen debris
  • Contact Fox PA for a FREE Inspection!
  • Provide prompt notice of loss to your insurance company
  • Develop a plan and claim management strategy with your public adjuster

Fox Public Insurance Adjusters

Get the maximum settlement for your property damage. Our Public Adjusters defend your rights against the insurance companies to ensure you get the maximum recovery amount.

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Storm Damage & Hurricane Damage Claims

Every year, Florida is battered by severe storms, with residents and business owners left clearing debris from their property and arranging for repairs. Storm damage can range in severity, coming from high winds that can topple trees, and golf ball-sized hail that can destroy your roof, including your skylight and much more.

Estimates for repairs after wind or hail damage can be costly. Fortunately, Fox PA, a Florida public adjuster, can easily help you file your claim with the insurance company. The experienced adjusters at Fox PA deal with insurance companies all the time. When you experience storm or hurricane damage, it’s important to take particular steps in order to get the most out of your claim.