Why smart homeowners hire public adjusters

Don't get pushed around by your insurance company

If you live in Palm Beach County, Martin County, or Broward County, hiring a public adjuster is the smartest decision you can make. Insurance companies do serve a purpose.  Homeowners pay a premium price over an extended period time.  In return the insurance company  protects you, your family and your property in the event ‘the worst’ ever happens.  You […]

Broward County Public Adjuster – News Flash

There are plenty of reasons why a homeowner who is facing property damage should contact a Broward County Public Adjuster.  This article is just one example. News Flash, “Florida”  Home damage insurance company taken to court over underhanded and deceptive tactics.This news article was recently reported by a South Florida news agency.  While the specific […]

Was your roof damage claim denied?

When a roof damage claim is denied the frustrated homeowners are left wondering.  Now what could I do?  To the homeowner,  the damage is clear as day. So why would the claim be denied? If you live in South Florida you know 2020 was not kind when it came to hurricanes.  As a Public Adjuster […]