As the best South Florida Public Adjuster we have worked with a wide range of home damage contractors and water damage restoration companies.

After you read the 7 tips below, you should have a much better understanding of how to determine which companies you should trust to restore your damaged home. 

Isn’t living in South Florida awesome?  Not too many places in the world offer the amazing climate, warm blue oceans & wide range of activities that we have here.  However, along with the beautiful ocean and climate there are a few home issues that residents must contend with.  That same warm weather is also conducive to mold growth, damp environments and other issues.  In addition many insurance companies don’t do a great job when it comes to making their resident homeowners whole after they have suffered water damage.  However, homeowners also don’t need to stick to company insurance adjusters either.  When a company insurance adjuster overlooks home damage or fails to address potential problems the result is a disaster for the homeowner.  Things like missed growing mold damage, worn plumbing pipes, roof leaks, bad window sealing, could all grow into huge expensive problems.  By hiring the best South Florida public adjuster you can rest assured that noting will get missed and any we will head off any damage that can lead to potential problems in the future.

We are located in Boynton Beach and have helped homeowners in all of the following areas:  Delray Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Greenacres, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Stewart, Coral Springs, Parkland, and many other areas.  Check out the map below to see our location.

Water damage accounts for about 24% of all homeowner insurance claims. Whether caused by natural disasters, ruptured pipes, leaky faucets, roof damage or even plumbing mishaps, the result is the same- potential devastation to your homes structure, electrical and plumbing systems. Not to mention the risk posed by the unchecked growth of toxic mold.

It’s not as much fun as it sounds…

As a South Florida public adjuster, we have seen more than our fair share of botched restoration jobs.  In addition we have seen plenty of denied insurance claims because the previous company insurance agent missed part of the damage.  For example, a kitchen leak creates a flood.  The homeowner calls the insurance agent because the floor tiles are wrecked.  So the insurance company sends out a company adjuster.  The adjuster looks over the kitchen and sees a few damaged floor tiles and says to the homeowner; “You know the cost to replace these few damaged tiles is less than the insurance deductible.

As if that wasn’t enough, not all water damage is immediately obvious to the untrained eye. If you have water damage – or good reason to fear you have a water leak, it’s vital that you move fast.  Call us at Fox Public Adjusters.  We can inspect your home and inform you as to the best course of action.

As a South Florida based public adjuster we understand just how a small leak can turn into a huge problem.  Our main office is in Boynton Beach and we serve all of Broward County, Pam Beach County, and Martin County.

In this article will talk you through the basic checks that you should consider before calling just any company.  Having handled flood, mold, roof leaks, plumbing leaks and many other types of home damage, (Too many types to list) we can help you find the best water damage repair and restoration company.  As a South Florida public adjuster we can also, handle your insurance claim so that you receive the proper settlement.

The tips below will provide you with some helpful insight when I comes to hiring a water damage restoration company.


Draw a big red circle around this one- certifications are arguably amongst the most crucial considerations you need to make! Do they have the qualifications, certifications or licenses? (More on this later).


With water damage, you can’t afford to waste time. It can seep into your furnishings, appliances, or even walls, making the damage more severe.

Your ideal water restoration company should provide immediate remediation services.

Disaster doesn’t do a 9-5 and neither should they.


A water damage company should have the license to perform in your state. Ask to see the license and have a quick check to ensure that the company is performing legally. The last thing you want is to be entangled by a company not recognized by the relevant authority, with no legal recourse in the worst-case.

You should also prioritize an organization that’s insured. Addressing water damage is a project that can result in damages, either for the workers or your home. An insured company protects you from potential liabilities in case of an accident during remediation.

The company you choose should also have the following industry-standard credentials:


Today more people than ever check online reviews before deciding who to hire.

Your family and friends are the obvious places to start regarding a company’s competence and reliability, but failing that, there are plenty of resources online. The best companies will usually have a solid online presence and multiple independent reviews to back them up.


Water damage restoration companies have various services that you need to know, with the aim of returning your home to its previous condition. These services include:

Water damage is often more than what meets the eye. Slight dampness on your walls can indicate broken pipes, leading to leaks. It’s crucial to work with a water restoration company to address all the possible issues causing water damage.

Prioritize a water restoration company that offers a range of services. You need a one-stop-shop to fix all your issues, not be dealing with several different ones.


Water damage does not look pretty. You’ll need thorough water extraction, cleaning, dehumidification, and drying to avoid mold issues in the future. Reputable companies use state-of-the-art equipment and are on top of the best techniques available.

Newer equipment usually means a faster fix too, and reassurance you won’t be dealing with a mold that keeps coming back to haunt you.

Professionals have quality machinery to guarantee the water remediation process is a success. Ask your identified company the kind of tools they use. If the firm uses outdated equipment or method, the chances are that the results won’t be satisfactory.


A restoration company should have a clear plan of how to tackle the water damage.

Have a restoration company assess the water damage situation in your home. An experienced firm will give you a reliable estimate, a solid timescale and a plan of how they will tackle the job.

Understand the process and how it may impact your living situation

Once the company has assessed the damage and you’ve signed off on the estimate, work can begin. You can typically expect the restoration to happen in several stages, which can be a few days or up to several weeks:

  1.  Temporary protection: Water restoration companies may provide temporary protection measures, including tarps and board-ups, to guard against further water intrusion, especially after a natural disaster such as a flood or hurricane. If the structural integrity of your home is affected (or impacts your kitchen and/or bathroom), you may need to relocate temporarily- this may even be covered by the terms of your policy.
  2.  Water removal: After a flood or fire, water may remain on your property. Water restoration companies have access to industrial pumps and vacuum units capable of extracting several thousands of gallons of water. This reduces not only the drying time, but minimizes the risk of mold growth and prevents secondary water damage.
  3.  Drying and dehumidification: Using specialized moisture meters, they can detect water in hard-to-access areas and moisture retained by building materials. Venting techniques, air movers and industrial humidifiers are then used to reduce moisture to more acceptable levels.
  4.  Cleaning and sanitizing: A water damage restoration company can execute or oversee the cleaning and sanitization process of your home and belongings, including disinfectant treatments and deodorization to remove any associated odours.
  5.  Repairs and restoration: Repairs and restoration services range from replacing drywall and carpet, to exterior reconstruction and even foundational repairs. Once the necessary repairs have been made, and the structure is established to be safe for habitation, you may move back into your home.
  6.  Preventative treatments: A water damage restoration company may also apply treatments to prevent future problems, such as insect infestations or mold growth.

Hopefully, this article has cleared up what you need to look for in a water restoration company and what you can expect. If- god forbid- disaster strikes, the five minutes you spent reading this article will have saved you a precious hour trawling through Google. Our top pick for water damage and restoration is Get Dry, Inc.  Or call us at Fox Public Adjusters.  You can thank us later!