When home damage happens one question homeowners should ask themselves is, Should I hire a public adjuster?

When South Florida home damage happens, the first call is usually to the insurance company.   Next, the insurance agent starts the process of submitting the insurance claim. Then comes the visit by the insurance company’s home damage insurance adjuster.  The adjuster will survey the damage and tell the frazzled homeowner how much they will collect in the form of a settlement.    Now remember, the insurance company’s adjuster is an employee of the insurance company.  They have been hired by the insurance company and their employer is the insurance company, not you the homeowner.  We are talking about the insurance company that charges you too much to start with.  With this in mind you may be asking, should I hire a public adjuster?  It’s common knowledge that the insurance company is in business to make a profit.  I guess this is why there are so many instances in which the homeowner feels that the settlement they received is far less than what the home repair actually costs?

Should I hire a South Florida public adjuster?
When asking, Should I hire a public insurance adjuster? It’s important to keep in mind that a public adjuster works for you, the homeowner.

Not happy with your insurance damage settlement?  Call a South Florida Public Adjuster.

Did you know that there is another option?  You can hire a South Florida public insurance adjuster.   Unlike the home damage adjuster your insurance company sends out, a public insurance adjuster works for you, the homeowner.  Isn’t it better to have the person who determines your settlement working for you directly, and not the insurance agency?    Many people think it’s easier to simply call the insurance company and let them handle everything.  This may sound ok, until the homeowner receives a lowball insurance settlement.   Once the homeowner receives notice of the lower than expected settlement from the insurance company, the disillusioned homeowner starts second guessing the judgment of the insurance company’s adjuster.  This is when homeowners call a public adjuster, hoping to get a settlement that is more reasonable.  Maybe one of the first calls should have been to the public adjuster?   No one wants to face dealing with home damage. Putting in an insurance claim is a nerve-racking experience.  It’s also a situation that could be made less stressful with the help of a public adjuster.

Flooding in a Boynton Beach.
Flooding from a South Florida hurricane can lead to homeowner nightmares. If you have home damage as a result of water seeping into your home a public insurance adjuster can be your best resource.

There are many other reasons why South Florida homeowners should call a public adjuster first.  Below I’ll touch base on several.  We hope you will find this article helpful when deciding how to handle your unfortunate home damage situation.

As a person in business, I have learned long ago that when someone can’t, or won’t return you calls or messages in a timely manner it’s not going to be a pleasant working experience.   This is the first sign that the other person is either too busy for you, or not too interested in servicing your insurance claim.   It’s bad enough dealing with home damage, but sitting around waiting for a call from your insurance company’s adjuster is not a fun experience.  This is when you will start saying to yourself I should have hired a Public Adjuster.  It’s an experience that doesn’t build much confidence that you will receive the insurance settlement you were hoping for

Hurricane heading toward Florida can be a scary thought for any South Florida homeowner.
Turning on the news and seeing this will scare any South Florida homeowner. Having a public insurance adjuster in your corner will insure you receive the best settlement.

By deciding to use a public insurance adjuster such as Todd from Fox Public Adjusting, you will be assured that you will receive timely return phone calls and e-mails.   Since this is Todd’s business, he has a stake in having a happy clients and it’s having the person receiving a proper settlement is important to him.

Hurricane damage in South Florida.
Seeing hurricane building damage like this will make any South Florida building owner upset. Hiring a public adjuster will help you receive the best settlement.

As I’m sure you could imagine, there is a ton of extensive paperwork that goes along with putting in an insurance claim.  This paperwork must be filled out correctly and if there are mistakes the result could spell trouble for the homeowner.  By having a public adjuster handle the paperwork, instead of the paperwork being your problem, you can be assured your insurance claim and settlement will be correct.  Todd used to be an insurance agent, he knows how all the required paperwork needs to be completed and submitted. He also knows all the tricks that insurance companies play resulting in a lower settlement for the homeowner.  In addition to the extensive paperwork that goes with filing an insurance clam there is also a procedure that must be followed, a good South Florida public home damage adjuster understands the complete process and is skilled at monitoring the process right up to the final settlement.

Roof and Flood damage in South Florida.
Roof damage will lead to water and mold issues. The fact that one type of damage will lead to other issues is the main reason you should hire a public insurance adjuster.

Did you know that Todd is a former construction contractor?  Because he has experience working in construction, he knows first hand the cost of getting homes repaired.  He is also well aware of the games many insurance adjusters play, such as the one where they get a quote from a cheap contractor as a way of keeping their settlement amount low.  Some insurance companies may require the homeowner to cooperate with the insurance company’s contractor and by not cooperating, they stand to lose their right to benefits.  Employing a public insurance adjuster evens the playing field, without a public adjuster on the homeowners side it’s the unknowledgeable home owner, against a team of very informed and capable insurance professionals, it’s like going to court and not having an attorney on your side.

In addition to having to contend with the extensive paperwork, the questionable judgment of the insurance company’s damage adjuster,  and the fact that the adjuster’s loyalty most likely rests with the insurance company,  many South Florida homeowners find that the insurance company may also drag out the process, creating so much stress that the homeowner will settle for much less that is deserved.  So if after reading this, the easy answer to the question,  “Should I hire a Public Adjuster?”  is easy to answer, – YES.

Once an insurance claim has been settled, the homeowner still has five years to add to the claim or submit a new claim.  As a matter of fact, most of the new insurance claims Fox Public Adjusters handle are from home owners to received a settlement, and later found the settlement amount was not enough to cover the home damage.   If you had any home damage from a flood, fire, hurricane or storm and found that the settlement amount didn’t cover the cost of repairs or home replacement call Todd at (561) 789-4369.   Getting a second damage assessment can only help.

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Fox Public Insurance Adjusters is located in Boynton Beach, Florida.  They service all of South Florida including: West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Stuart and Port Saint Lucie.

Ceiling damage in a South Florida home.
Patch the roof and replace the ceiling tiles may make the building look new. However, the damage could be much more extensive. By hiring a public insurance adjuster you will be secure in the knowledge that the damage is repaired completely.


1,   A Public Adjuster works for the homeowner not the insurance company.  This means that the Public Adjuster is the homeowners ally.

2,  Public Adjusters have a personal stake in the results.  It’s in the public adjuster’s best interest to provide the homeowner with a settlement that truly covers the amount of the loss.

3, You don’t have to go crazy filling out paperwork that you are unfamiliar with and that may contain hidden tricks.

4,  Todd used to be a construction contractor , he knows what the true costs are when it comes to home repair.

5, Todd will actually meet with the construction workers at you home.  This insures that the contractor is reputable and does high quality work.

6, If additional damage or problems resulting from the original claim are not enough to cover the cost of repair or replacement, a public adjuster re-open the original claim.

7- Todd has working relationships with real estate lawyers and contractors.  If there is a problem with your claim or the filing process he is in the best position to use his professional contacts to help.